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Dedicated to you and all your beauty, creativity, love, and power.

Awaken to Your Adventure is a journey only you can take for yourself.

Once you awaken to your own truth, you can share your gifts and talents in your unique way.

This is a reminder to what is already present in each of us.

A guide and map on how to find your own hidden treasures.


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Working with Jaron has been nothing short of profound.  I have worked with him both professionally on the same talk show together and how we were able to sync together immediately, was something I haven't experienced before over my 25 year speaking career.  I then went on to work with him as a mentor and he was the dream client. Respectful, intelligent, incredibly brilliant and talented.  Based on my trust and rapport with Jaron, I then opened to his spiritual influence and received amazing insight into my current issues, which I have had for over 50 years, which he gently guided, articulated and balanced within one session.  I highly recommend Jaron as a transformational coach and truly believe he is going to change the world with his gentle and profound approach to navigating the treasure map of your life. Don't hesitate and miss this opportunity to work with Jaron, he is the real deal and my trusted advisor.  Your heart and soul is safe with this gentleman. 

Katrena Friel

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Jaron was very helpful to me during a recent period of transition. He's an exceptional listener, thinker and motivator who cares deeply about how people define success. Challenging your own list of career priorities is never easy, but working with Jaron to put together a holistic plan will get you to a higher quality of life. I am pleased to recommend Jaron as a life/career coach, and would be happy to talk further with anyone about how his approach helped me.

Matt Steeves


Jaron Kito Banks; I refer to him as J.Banks, owner of Dream Power Academy and Spiritual Athletics, coached me Dwight for one year then invited me to participate in one of his mastermind alliances which I AM still an active participant in currently.  I highly recommend J.Banks because he is a consummate professional who consistently shows up and honors his WORD and his TIME, he cares about his CLIENTS and he ENJOYS and LOVES helping  through being of service. He assists in helping each client identify an AUTHENTIC Desire and working with them to create a tailor made plan of action to aid and assist in reaching that specific personal goal destination! J. Banks is as real as they come, he is highly intuitive and most of the things you tell him about yourself he already knows. J. Banks is a rare gift there are just not many cut from the same cloth.  Another extraordinary GIFT he has is the POWER to WORK with and INTERPRET DREAMS he helped me on multiple occasions and I think he has a portfolio of DREAM journals upward of 20 from over the years of recording and analyzing his own dreams. The most important character traits that I will pinpoint for you about Jaron Banks from my personal experiences in interacting with him is (1) Authenticity, (2) Caring about his Clients, (3) Intuition (4) Showing UP; his intuition is flat out off the charts spot on every single time.  I can say meeting Jaron Banks, renewed my fervor for personal development work and helped me get back into doing work that is both natural and fun for me. I launched my own radio show, never in a million years did I think I would do it although I had a hundred journals with great content in them, I recently wrote a number 1 BEST Selling book, because Jaron Banks held me accountable. A big name does not mean anything, but RESULTS DO and Jaron Banks can definitely help you obtain the goals you require or desire.

Dwight Lee

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