Jaron Banks was recently interviewed on The Foundational Sales Podcast By Paul Cuomo

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In sales, it's critical to step back and make sure we are on the right path. Jaron Banks is a transformational coach, technology consultant, entrepreneur, storyteller, and dream traveler. In the '70s, as a child, he began an inward journey into his night-time dreams and nightmares, and today he has reawakened the dream traveler tradition of spirituality in his own life. Gifted with a vision of our true nature as human beings, he is continuously studying and researching ways to awaken our highest potential. Jaron is the founder of Dream Power Academy; inspired by his personal experiences of nightly dream travel, he helps individuals remember their dreams both in waking life and dreaming life.

He facilitates transformational coaching sessions, group programs, retreats, workshops, and seminars. As a premier storyteller and dynamic illustrator of our human capabilities—Jaron Banks inspires people to find gifts in the challenges of the world around them. I spend a fascinating hour with Jaron reviewing his book and how he helps people live the life they truly want. To find out more or reach out to Jaron, please go to:

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

A few years back I met one of my many mentors and guides that seem to pop up in my life when I am ready to start my next adventure.

I woke up in my condo and looked around the bedroom while lying in bed. I was still in the in between state of waking and sleeping, I patiently waited for my body to give me the cue all engines were a go to get up and start my day.

I took a deep breath and pushed through the voice telling me to stay in bed a little while longer. Today was a big day, it was Sunday and I had come up with a grand scheme for my day. I was going to go out on the town and drive around and check out a few stores and see who was also out enjoying the day.

I had several errands to run and things to get done in preparation for my week. Once, I accomplished all my tasks. I was ready to head out. Now you may be saying to yourself, “What is Jaron so excited about, I mean anyone can go out to a few stores or drive around town. Especially since he lives in a major city in the United States. But this was not any Sunday, it was Super Bowl Sunday.

The Super Bowl is the largest and most watched sporting event in American culture. Being that I was a former athlete and young man, this was the perfect opportunity to take a less travelled path in my life. Shake things up a bit. Do something different! I knew most people would be at home, at a Super Bowl party, or at a sports bar. I was out driving around like I was in a new city the streets were almost empty, I could see every restaurant was open with no wait, the city was all mine for a few hours.

Yes, there were some people out doing the same as me. But I really did not see them because it was my adventure, so I was the only one who had the incredible insight to skip the manliest testosterone filled event in the United States every year. And if I happen to run into a beautiful woman who had no interest in the Super Bowl who was pleasantly surprised to see a man like myself partaking in the finer things in life. Bonus! Now, back to the Super Bowl Sunday adventure.

I pulled into one of my favourite stores in the downtown area, I walked in and headed straight to the health food bar. They had smoothies, raw food, salads, all the good anti-Super Bowl type foods. I was playing this adventure full on. Fully into the role! I was a little disappointed as there was only one other person at the bar and he was a guy. Yes, do I need to say anything else. Smmmmh! Okay, let me grab a fresh salad and I can head out to another place after this healthy snack.

Next, I felt someone’s piercing look invading my personal space. He smirked when he saw I noticed him, he came over and said to me very confidently “You came here today for something more.” In my mind, at first, I was like “yes, a 5’8” beautiful woman, not you chrome dome.” This guy had his head shaven. I responded confidently also with a “Yes”. He shared a few points that we both agreed on. He told me he had someone for me to meet and explained directions and times to meet the next day. He said goodbye and went on his way. I left a little disoriented wondering what just happened, I just agreed to meet this guy and his so-called mentor or teacher.

What was I doing?

Who knows who this guy was but something in my heart said this was the right path for me. I went straight home and sat on my couch wondering why I felt so energized and full of energy.

Well, on a simple and powerful level I had made a choice to do something new and different that was positive, and it was not what most people in my area were doing that day. I learned later in my life I always felt energized when I followed my instincts, even when my instincts suggested I take the less travelled route.

This is not to say skipping the Super Bowl or going in the opposite direction of what the majority are doing is always the correct move. Just experiment and test for yourself, I have steps in the Quest section where you can develop skills to choose your directions wisely. I know, I know, you are saying “Hey dude! Tell me what happened the next day when you met the mentor guy.

Okay, I pulled up at the address and walked on to the property and saw the guy who I met at the store, there was an older man cooking something in a wood burning oven that was outside. Once he saw me, he locked his gaze on me like he was a terminator robot running analysis on my DNA.

I could feel his gaze go right through me. He then smiled slightly and turned back to his work, like he approved of me coming down. We sat around talking for a few minutes and he got right to it, he said “I am performing research. I have 13 people on my team 2 physical and 11 spiritual.” He hesitated to see my reaction. Yup, made sense to me. This was something I believed was possible and I had my own experiences to confirm this.

My body language was like yeah makes sense to me. You just have some people you work with who are in a different realm, to me it was no different than working with people in different countries. Now I went on to work with this team for a few years sharing my personal research in the many different areas we focused on - exercise, nutrition, essential oils, business, dreams, etc.

One day we were talking, and he asked me a question that shook me to my core, and I am still evaluating to this day. He said, “Have you ever had your own original thought?” At first, my ego kicked up in my mind and quickly said “Well of course I have had my own original thought.” But, when I traced the origin of my thoughts. I always realized the idea or thought, came from someone else. I then began to question had I even been thinking at all in my entire life.

The question presented to me shook my foundation in a good way and assisted me in creating a habit of checking my thoughts. I became aware of another world within myself to explore and discover.

I share this short story to not have you contemplate that question for hours and hours. Just hold the idea with you as you go through life and use it to track the source of your ideas and ways of thinking.

Many of us are accustomed to receiving information from the external through our 5 senses. And then we make choices based on that data that we have just received, or we have been taught.

Our thoughts and feelings are impacted by what we see or vision. I distinguish seeing as what is presented to you from the external world and vision as what you present to the external world from within yourself.

So, if you go back to the moment when the doctor told me I would never play basketball again much less walk if I was lucky. If I would have agreed with what he was telling me, or what I was seeing and hearing with my 5 senses.

Would I have played basketball again?

No, I would not have had the will or energy to push through all the work and effort required to be able to play basketball again.

I would have taken the road that had been prescribed for me. Instead, I used vision to create a new story, which did not come from the external it came from the internal.