Upgrade Yourself Retreat Program
Whatever you are going through in the Tech World
I traveled this same road

Do you have dreams and goals you have put on hold for your career?

Are you tired of putting in massive effort for someone else’s benefit?

You feel you have something bigger to do but you don’t know what to do next.

Your expertise and commitment are acknowledged but you keep getting passed over for promotions.

You look at all the sweat, tears, and travel you have put into your career, and ask, “what do I have to show?”.

There are so many things to get done and accomplish, 65–80 hr. weeks are the norm.

You feel guilty for not working even when you are on vacation.

You do not even enjoy the work you do anymore but who can you talk to at your company?

Success requires so much sacrifice and demanding work. Am I wasting the best years of my life?


Up to this point in your life you have been a tech worker, when you complete this journey, you will be a tech dreamer. An individual who uses external and internal technology to live on your own terms.

As a tech dreamer you will:


  • Learn the formula to turn your dreams and goals into reality.

  • Know what comes next in your career and your life.

  • Getting something in return for your time and effort invested in your career.

  • Know your true value and earn your true value.

  • Create time to enjoy your home, family, and friends.

  • Get your job done in less time and be more effective.

  • Gain respect and become a true leader within your company and community.

  • Put your life as top priority and have your job or business serve your life.

  • Master the keys to aging gracefully and still having many years ahead to enjoy.

Program Overview


To allow you to discover your unique talents and abilities and guide you into being a creator of your life results through proven systems. After completion of the program, you will have the power to create and design your life just like a product release. The life roadmap is clear and you can chart your course in life on your terms. What does this look like in our emerging technological advancements on planet Earth? Playing and Creating for a living - doing what empowers, inspires, and fulfills you and receiving money for your time investment. Maintaining loving and nurturing relationships with yourself, family, and community. Operating your body in optimal health and performance allowing you to achieve life/work balance in your world with confidence and courage. Experiencing life using all your resources and capabilities giving you a unique view into your future.


In the process of upgrading, we will rewrite your internal program to allow for maximum utilization of all your resources. The program guides you into becoming a master of self.  Through this program, you will acquire a new perception of success. You are now back in the driver's seat with your hands firmly on the steering wheel of your life. You now use outside circumstances as you would use a current in the ocean to assist your journey. You set sail gathering energy from both the ups and downs of life to your benefit.


What is included?

  • Natural Talent Assessments - Identify your natural talents so you can perform better in your job, build stronger relationships, and achieve personal growth.

  • Personal Goals and Desires - Remember and align with personal goals and dreams you put on hold for your career.

  • Timeline Evaluation - Perform and record a detailed timeline of your journey thus far in your life. Giving you specific insight into repeating patterns and transformational life moments.

  • Health and Nutrition - Evaluation of optimal nutrition for your current activities and future growth activities

  • Dream Awareness - Analyze dream fitness and provide training to bring you into the awareness of your dream messages.

  • Conscious Language - Gain knowledge of what language is and how to powerfully use language to serve your goals and dreams.

  • Body Language - Recognize what your physical body is telling you about your own thinking and feelings.

  • Thought System Upgrade - Learn a 5-step system showing what result your thoughts will produce and how to upgrade your “thought” code.

  • Money Mastery - Specific training utilizing proven systems to master money earning, saving, and investing in your life.

  • Quantum Growth – Utilizing the power of quantum thinking to scale your life vision with ease.

  • Vision and Design - Create an ideal script for the movie of your life. Your vision and design for life recorded and scripted to act as a compass on your journey of manifestation.

  • Building and Sustaining - Learn proper order of how to build projects, businesses, and systems for long term growth and stability.

  • Traveling into Uncharted Waters - What to expect once you outgrow your own level of expertise and knowledge. The art of constant change and how to prosper.

  • Coming to Completion - True Perfection, learning the proper time to stop and finish your projects. Learning how to properly bring an end to a relationship or project.


   Additional Tech Tools

  • Dream Journal

  • Exercises and workbook

  • Copy of Jaron’s No. 1 best seller “Awaken to Your Adventure.”

  • Accountability Tools and Resources

  • Online Group

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