Becoming Supreme Retreat Program

Whatever you are going through I traveled this same road

Do you have dreams and goals you choose to manifest in your life?

Are you tired of hoping and wishing?


You know you have unique abilities and talents but are having challenges with the noise of the world.


Good opportunities come your way and slip right through your hands.


If only you could go back in time with what you know now.


There are so many things to get done and accomplish, where will I find the time?


I want to feel better, but I keep feeling this way….


How can I meet people who love and support me fully?


Success requires so much sacrifice and hard work.


How will this Program benefit me?

As a spiritual athlete you will:


  • Learn the formula to turn your dreams and goals into reality

  • Move into knowing and expecting your results

  • Remember your uniqueness and influence your world in your way

  • Grasp your opportunities and nurture them to serve your vision

  • Create more time for what you love and commit to your highest ideals

  • Focus and gain clarity to your most impactful actions and activities

  • Discover how to transform your challenges into quantum power

  • Learn how to love and fully support yourself, making you attractive to your ideal relationships

  • Master the keys to achieving success in any area of life with ease and grace


Program Overview


To allow a dreamer to discover their unique talents and abilities and guide a dreamer into a creator of their life results through uniquely designed programs. After completion of the program, a dreamer has the power to create and manifest in physical reality on their own personal cycles and willingness. The path of their journey is subtlety clear, and the newly graduated creator can chart their course into existence. What does this look like in our current cycles and orbits on planet Earth, playing and creating for a living - doing what empowers, inspires, and fulfills you and receiving money for your investment of spiritual power. Maintaining loving and nurturing relationships with yourself, family, and communities. Operate your body in optimal health and performance allowing you to travel and traverse your world with confidence and courage. Experience life using all your resources and capabilities giving you a unique view into your future.


In the process of becoming Supreme, we will upgrade your program to allow for maximum utilization of the elements of your universe. The program guides you into becoming a master of self, a supreme being. Carrying yourself in a supreme manner. Through this program you acquire a new perception of sovereignty. You are now back in the driver's seat with your hands firmly on the steering wheel of your life. You now use outside forces as you would use a current in the ocean to assist your journey. You set sail utilizing the ups and downs of life to your benefit.

What is included?


  • Astrological and Numerology alignments - Innerstand your alignment with the stars when you entered the Earth space

  • Personal Goals and Desires - Remember and align with personal goals and desires you have carried from childhood

  • TimeLine Evaluation - Perform and record a detailed timeline of your journey thus far in your life. Giving you specific insight into repeating patterns and transformational life moments.

  • Health and Nutrition - Evaluation of optimal nutrition for your current activities and future growth activities

  • Dream Awareness - Analysis dream fitness and provide training to bring you into the awareness of your dream messages.

  • Conscious Language - Gain knowledge of what language is and how to powerfully use language to serve your goals and dreams.

  • Sacred Body Language - Recognize what your physical body is telling you about your own thinking and feelings.

  • Thought System Upgrade - Learn a 5 step system to see the result your thoughts will produce.

  • Money Mastery - Specific training utilizing learned systems to master money earning, saving, and investing in your life.

  • Relating To Your World - Venturing out into your world with your newly remembered abilities and how to help your world.

  • Vision and Design - Create an ideal script for the movie of your life. Your vision and design for life recorded and scripted to act as a compass on your journey of manifestation.

  • Building and Sustaining - Learn proper order of how to build projects, businesses, and systems for expansion. After building skills are mastered then how to operate and sustain for continued growth are learned.

  • Traveling Into Uncharted Waters - What to expect once you outgrow your own level of expertise and knowledge. The art of constant change and how to prosper.

  • Coming to Completion - True Perfection, learning the proper time to stop and finish your creations. Learning how to properly being an end to a relationship or project.

  • Dream Journal

  • Exercises and workbook

  • Copy of Jaron’s No. 1 best seller “Awaken to Your Adventure”

  • Accountability Tools and Resources

  • Chat Group

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